Meet The
{We’re not as cool as these guys}


K’Lief specializes in making the pixels pretty! He’ll work with you and your team to find the right visual tone & tell your story in ways that will impress. He’s got a thing for organizing, an eye for good design and loves a pretty pixel.

The man can’t look at anything without noticing if it’s “centered,” “balanced,” & “living its best life”. I’m pretty sure his mantra is “Eat, Pray, Pixel” or whatever.


Fiona is a whiz at getting your content ready! She’ll make sure all your materials are collected, cohesive and ready for development. Fiona will help you organize the outline and work with your team on copy (that’s text, Kyle). She’ll do this while making sure all aspects of your organization are represented beautifully.

She also has a “relationship” with corporate hygiene and optics. I don’t get it, but hey, we all have that “one weird thing”.


Tonka is a doer! You know the guy, he wants everyone to do what needs to be done so we can get this show on the road already. He’ll work between us and your team to make sure everyone knows what is needed and that we’re all doing our homework. (We’d call him the boss but then he’d want more money).

Tonka is fixated on the little details and making sure all the bases are covered, then covered again and probably one more time. I think it keeps him up at night but hey, who am I to judge?