We’re not your everyday pretty pixel people.

We’re your personal
website concierge!


Our Website Concierge service includes:

Custom Website Design

Stock photos


CRM template

G-Suite initial setup

Copywriting assistance

Security monitoring

Website hosting

Daily website backups

All of this at one affordable monthly rate!

Website design and development for small business offering Attractive Monthly Installments with Customized Pricing.

We don’t do cookie cutters!

At JSYK we’ve seen a lot of other folks who “offer website design and development for small business,” they say “you get 2 stock photos and 1 hero image and 1 jQuery function blah blah blah…”

We’re not about that life. You’re not a cookie and shouldn’t be bitten. I mean, unless you’re into that sort of thing.

Your website should be all it can be, and if that means a few more images or some really awesome functionality, we’re here for it. When it comes to website design and development for small business, if you look your best, we look our best.

Let’s bring it!

Your brand is the outfit your company wears to the red carpet gala.You want it to be unforgettable.

Featured Project

Athletic Restoration

Athletic Restoration came to us with a challenge that many brands face as they grow and evolve; their client base had shifted.

We spent time understanding what made their process unique and addressed all the challenges they were facing communicating with their clients eg “I am not an athlete, can I still come to see you?” as well as explaining pricing strctures.

While preserving half a decade of brand recognition, we developed the new website focussing on video and images that highlighted the diversity of Athletic Restoration’s clientele, as well as having a very clear and detailed explanation of what the customer can expect to experience when they stepped through the doors.

Web Design & Development

Responsive Design

Web Design & Development

Responsive Design


The Philosophy 

Our philosophy is to provide independent businesses and individuals with creative empowerment, to take control of your branding. You know your style and your market; we help you find your voice while making you look fabulous!

We’ve all been there (you know the story):

You sign up for something amazing and then, nine months later, your budget has ballooned like a pregnant person with no baby to show for it; just the stretch marks.

We get that, and are committed to changing the paradigm. We want to give you a beautiful website in half the time while being cash flow conscious in the process.

Reach out and find out what we can do for your organization!